Interesting Additions

Our classroom's card for Sandy Hook Elementary school.  Our students used their thumbprints to sign the card.

Our classroom countdown to Christmas! We added an ornament to cover the date until the 25th.
Our classroom learned all about manners.  We made graphic organizers to show the different manners we learned about.  We also made monsters with manners to show how we use a handkerchief when we need to blow our noses.

We used the microwave to make soap clouds out of Ivory soap!

Principal Dennis reads The Polar Express to our friends for Christmas!

We were able to see the colors travel through the paper towels and then see what happens when they mix together!

Our class uses assistive technology to use words.

Our fireman friend, Will!

Everyone had a great time at the Prattville Pals Valentine's Social.
Bo, the friendly husky, came and visited our classroom!

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