Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dress to Impress

We are in the middle of learning about shopping for clothing and dressing ourselves.  This week, we discussed what type of clothing we wear for different occasions and weather.  We also celebrated two birthdays: Nicholas's and mine! 

Enjoy a peek at some of the things we did last week:

We shared our Friendship poems from Valentine's week!

 We are continuing to sell snacks at break to earn money for field trips-- we had great advertisers (above) and service providers (below).
We chose what we wear in different types of weather!  Great teamwork girls.

We had a (small) birthday celebration; for one of the sweetest boys we know!

We are still collecting, sorting, and crushing aluminum cans to help the environment and earn money for field trips!

 Our "big spender" in the classroom took a break from counting his money to give us a smile.  Trip has earned the most money in the classroom this semester!

 AND the biggest news of all!!  We are starting our very own classroom business selling unique candles.  

You can order your very own candle by e-mailing me or commenting on the post with your contact information.

This week we are continuing our study of dressing and shopping for clothing.  Remember to visit the Lessons page for this week's lesson plans!

Have a happy Monday!

Mrs. McKee


Monday, February 17, 2014

Love is in the Air

This week we learned about personal safety (in addition to celebrating Valentine's Day, of course).  We practiced what to say if someone we do not know knocks on the door (I encourage everyone to practice this with your students!).  We also discussed different ways we stay safe in public and at home and different functional signs.  In math small groups, we are learning about division and skip counting.  In reading, we are working to identify different blends.  We also continued working on identifying mood and setting in different short stories and plays.  Of course, we are still doing our community-based instruction.  They students are doing a wonderful job, and they are truly an asset to their assigned business.

Students work on their division skills during small group math.

Great ideas about being safe at home and in public from our students!

 D'Shawn, Sydney, and Sheron help make the beds for the animals at the Autauga County Humane Society.  This is their community-based instruction placement.  Great job, guys!
Students are attending their community-based instruction placement one time per week for approximately 2 hours per week.

You know we could not have made it through the week without celebrating Valentine's Day!

Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Mink for helping us decorate our Valentine's boxes!

 A couple of Valentine mummies! 

 Trip enjoyed making his candy heart bar graph in class on Valentine's Day!

Great job, Nicholas!

This week we will be learning about dressing ourselves and shopping for clothing.  We will also be working on a Presidential report.  I hope everyone had a great Monday off and is ready to get back to work tomorrow!

--Mrs. McKee

Sunday, February 9, 2014

After the Ice Storms

Welcome back to the blog!  The weather and a few glitches with the blog server have put me a little behind on our classroom blog.  Please forgive me!  Here are some updates from the last few weeks.  I hope you enjoy seeing the things we have been doing around the community.  We began our community-based instruction last week.  One group of students is working at the humane society, while the other is working at the thrift store.  We have been studying about home living and cooking for the last month. 

Here are some updates:

Here are our students making some buffalo chicken dip for our unit on cooking.   This activity taught our students measurement, cooking skills, and using a microwave.  Not to mention, it turned out DELICIOUSLY!

 We are so proud of our classrooms ROTC representatives.  Way to go, Joey and D'Shawn!

Here is a fun activity we did for following written directions.   The students all learned how to wrap gift bags.

 Community-based Instruction:  Mrs. Hollon going over the site rules with the students.
 Here are the students hard at work!

 Finally, we took a great field trip to the movie theater.  The students purchased their own tickets by telling the clerk the show time and movie.  They also purchased their own snacks.  What a fantastic job!

This week, we will be learning about personal safety.  We will also be incorporating Valentine's Day activities on Friday as well.  Looking forward to another great week!