Monday, September 30, 2013

Grocery Getters!

Last week we had the opportunity to study all about going to the grocery store.  I was so impressed with the student's vast background knowledge on the subject!  We discussed where the grocery stores in town are located and what they are.  We had such a variety:  Food Outlet, Publix, Wal-Mart, and many more were mentioned!

One day, we spent our transition time budgeting for a recipe. We researched our prices online and totaled the amount of money we would need.

We talked about things you can and cannot get at the grocery store, how we can get to the grocery store, and how to research prices to get the best deals.  The students were also given a homework assignment:  They were given a list of items and were instructed to price each item and check if it was on sale.

We had our money test on Friday-- we will continue to work and test on money or time weekly.  We will continue to increase our vocabulary and spelling knowledge.

Our week was NOT all work and no play, though.  We had a few surprises....

1.   Mr. Victor was BRAVE and let us help mow the grass. Great job, Byron!

2.  We planted our very own plants!  The students are completely responsible for caring for these plants.  This will teach responsibility and what plants need to survive. Alissa chose to plant a zinnia.

3.  We began building our homework boards with Mr. Carter-- we worked on measuring with a measuring tape and using sandpaper.

4.  We had the opportunity to visit Mr. Allen in the auto shop!  He even let us rev an engine...

5.  Our fair projects have been finished and submitted!  I know there will be several blue ribbons.
6.  AND the BIGGEST surprise of all....

The football team invited us to run out with them at the next home game!  We will be ready to go in our very own jerseys.  Thank you to Coach Anderson, Coach Bam, and the entire football team and staff!!!

This week we will be learning about community resources.  If you drive by the post office, YMCA, a church, food bank, thrift store, or other community resource, please point it out to your student.  We will be discussing what we can use these resources for and why they are important.  I look forward to a great week!

Business:  We will have a review spelling test this week (Unit 6-8).  A list will be sent home on Tuesday.  We will have a review vocabulary test (Unit 1-3).  All words from these units will be reviewed and included.  We will be reviewing stories from Units 6-8 and working on Fluency.  We will continue to work on Module 8 in Vmath (D) or Module 1 (C).  Please contact me with any questions!

                                 Mrs. McKee

Monday, September 23, 2013

Using Our Manners

WOW!  I am so impressed with our students this week.  We learned all about manners this week.  We reviewed how to speak politely on the phone, acting appropriately at the dinner table, and greeting people appropriately.

In this unit, we read several social stories including,: Being Mean, Interrupting,  and Lying.  We discussed as a class what to do about these behaviors, and how other people will perceive your actions if you act rudely.  We also acted out these behaviors to provide the students with realistic examples.  This is a vital skill, so I encourage you to ask your students about this unit to remind them of the importance.

Here is a picture of one of the book covers if you are interested in purchasing a set; they are easy reads and great for fluency practice as well!

We finished our week with a classroom spaghetti lunch.  The teachers set up a great family-style lunch for the students, and everyone enjoyed!  The students were graded on their behavior throughout the meal, and everyone did a fabulous job!

This week, we will be learning about going to the grocery store.  Students were given a homework assignment today--students will visit the grocery store and find the prices of the items listed.  If they are unable to visit the grocery store, they can simply look online ( is great!) or in the newspaper.  It is due next Monday.

This week, we are reviewing time and money, learning to care for plants, and reading books on the grocery store as well as reviewing /th/, /ch/, and /ng/ phonemes. 

You may have noticed your students have received individualized packets.  These are to be completed at school during our workstations for small-group learning.  I look forward to the rest of our FABULOUS week!

~Mrs. McKee

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Community Helpers

Last week and this week we are learning about community helpers.  Community helpers are people who benefit the city where we live.  Doctors, dentists, firemen, police officers, teachers, and many, many other individuals all help to make our community a great place to live!  Last week we began our class project: Our Community Helpers.  Students were encouraged to take pictures, print pictures from the internet, or draw pictures to complete this project.  Students were also told to look up the number and address using a phone book or the internet. 

We kicked off this week with a BIG surprise!  The local fire department came for a visit.  Students were encouraged to climb into the fire truck, look at the different supplies they use, and some students were even able to get into the drivers seat!  We finished off our Monday with a visit to the College and Career Fair--we were able to see several of our favorite colleges.  We even had one student compete in a push-up competition at the U.S. Army booth.

Today, we compared and contrasted doctors and dentists and learned why and how to call in sick for work.  

We are planning to finish out the week with a visit from the nurse to discuss what happens at the doctor's office! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back To School We Go!

In true teacher fashion, I am late posting my WELCOME back post!  I am so excited to be in my new classroom for this year (pictures coming soon).  In this classroom, we will be focusing on life and vocational skills with LOTS of academics sprinkled on top!  I can't believe we are already three weeks into the school year.  To catch everyone up here are a few things we have done:
--We had our open house and introduced students and parents to the new classroom.
--We spent our first week learning about each other and the class routine.  We completed our All About Me project.
--The second week of school, we discussed different occupations, completed an occupation packet to determine individual interests, and read about jobs in our community we might like to do!
--This week we have been learning about community helpers, what we do in case of emergencies, and why community helpers are important.  We also have some surprise visitors coming to class!

Some highlights of our new room include:
--A home living station: complete with magazines, a sofa, refrigerator, and microwave.
--A computer station: students are able to play educational games, work on typing, and increase computer skills
--A student work room: students must sign in (and list what activities they complete), after signing in, students are able to complete task boxes or office tasks

We have gotten off to a great start!  Pictures and more posts to come. :)

Keep on learning!

Mrs. McKee