Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Community Helpers

Last week and this week we are learning about community helpers.  Community helpers are people who benefit the city where we live.  Doctors, dentists, firemen, police officers, teachers, and many, many other individuals all help to make our community a great place to live!  Last week we began our class project: Our Community Helpers.  Students were encouraged to take pictures, print pictures from the internet, or draw pictures to complete this project.  Students were also told to look up the number and address using a phone book or the internet. 

We kicked off this week with a BIG surprise!  The local fire department came for a visit.  Students were encouraged to climb into the fire truck, look at the different supplies they use, and some students were even able to get into the drivers seat!  We finished off our Monday with a visit to the College and Career Fair--we were able to see several of our favorite colleges.  We even had one student compete in a push-up competition at the U.S. Army booth.

Today, we compared and contrasted doctors and dentists and learned why and how to call in sick for work.  

We are planning to finish out the week with a visit from the nurse to discuss what happens at the doctor's office! 

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  1. We really enjoyed doing this project. Zach, Hope and I even made chocolate chip cookies and took them to the fire station for their help.