Sunday, April 6, 2014

Communicating Effectively

One important soft skill that we worked on last week (and will be continuing to work on) is the art of communication.  This skill is one of the most important while on the job.  One of our highlights last week was playing a game of "body language charades."  The students were given an action and had to act it out without speaking.
Can you tell what word she was given?? EXCITED!

We spent some time last week adding student input for IEPs using the site I'm Determined.
The students learned about different aspects to IEPs and why they are so important!

We discussed letter writing as part of our communication unit.  We made and delivered thank you cards to some prom supporters.  This allowed students to exercise their creativity as well as practice using the different parts of a letter. 

In our reading, we read about Tom Sawyer and worked on our comprehension skills by inferring some tricks Tom played on his friends!  With our groups mastering both skills last week: skip counting and division, we will be breaking to review our lifeskills math (time, money).  We will have three more visits to our CBI locations.  

Prom plans are being finished up!  Please be on the lookout for a letter this week with specifics!  Woo hoo!

ONE MORE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!  We will be having a week to celebrate our students this month.  We will finish off the week with a pep rally to send our students to the Special Olympics.  More details to come :)

Be sure to visit the lessons page for this week's lesson plans!
With love,
Mrs. McKee

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