Sunday, December 8, 2013

Where in the World is Mrs. McKee's classroom?

Last week we learned about where we are from: our planet, our continent, our country, our state, and our city.  Our students were so impressive and did great on our projects through out the week and our end-of-week test. 

We began our study with a "Where We're From" booklet.  I encouraged all of the students to learn their addresses this week, so we included it in our reference books.

Great job, guys!!
This week, we also began our surprise calendar for December.  Students can earn the surprise bags for that day if they have extra-great behavior for that day!  We have also started a tally mark system for KIND and UNKIND remarks and actions.  Students earn a penny in their bank for each kind remark, and a penny is paid for an unkind remark.
Who will get the surprise bags this week?!

We also had two great surprises Friday:
(1) We got to make some ornaments.
Trip was definitely clowning around while making his orange and blue ornament!

(2) One of Santa's elves, Sampson, came to visit!

It was a great first week back from break! 

--Mrs. McKee

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