Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dress to Impress

We are in the middle of learning about shopping for clothing and dressing ourselves.  This week, we discussed what type of clothing we wear for different occasions and weather.  We also celebrated two birthdays: Nicholas's and mine! 

Enjoy a peek at some of the things we did last week:

We shared our Friendship poems from Valentine's week!

 We are continuing to sell snacks at break to earn money for field trips-- we had great advertisers (above) and service providers (below).
We chose what we wear in different types of weather!  Great teamwork girls.

We had a (small) birthday celebration; for one of the sweetest boys we know!

We are still collecting, sorting, and crushing aluminum cans to help the environment and earn money for field trips!

 Our "big spender" in the classroom took a break from counting his money to give us a smile.  Trip has earned the most money in the classroom this semester!

 AND the biggest news of all!!  We are starting our very own classroom business selling unique candles.  

You can order your very own candle by e-mailing me or commenting on the post with your contact information.

This week we are continuing our study of dressing and shopping for clothing.  Remember to visit the Lessons page for this week's lesson plans!

Have a happy Monday!

Mrs. McKee


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