Monday, March 17, 2014

Positive Thinking

I have to start this week's post with the WSFA newscast about our classroom fundraiser with Fox's Pizza Den!  We are so excited.  Check it out  HERE!

Last week we began our five-week study on soft skills needed for employment.  Our study began with having a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.  Although we are relating this skill to employment, we are also encouraging students to ALWAYS have a positive attitude!

Here the students practice role playing a positive attitude.  The students were given different scenarios that might happen in the workplace and were told to react POSITIVELY!

We continued to use our positive attitude during our community-based instruction at Faith Rescue and Autauga Humane Society.  The students were happy to get to work.  We also had two students proudly represent us on the ROTC field trip at Maxwell Airforce Base!

We also had another big surprise: Austin Golson from the Ole Miss football team came for a visit and to throw the ball around during break!  We always love seeing a PHS almnus!

This week we are studying about being on time, telling time, and having a schedule.  Don't forget our fundraiser on Thursday at Fox's Pizza Den-- Let's celebrate with some pizza!

--Mrs. McKee

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