Saturday, October 26, 2013

Playing Catch Up

It's that time of year again: fall.  This is when I start to get behind in my blogging, so please help me keep on track! We had a busy two weeks last week and this week, so be patient with me as I update you!

Last week we continued learning about appropriate restaurant behavior.  We had a short week, so we focused on different jobs in a restaurant, how to tip, and why it is important to tip our servers.  We had two very special guests for this topic-- Mr. Pugh and Mrs. Barr, David's mom and dad.  They both work in the restaurant business, and they told our students a little bit about their jobs.  The students had some GREAT questions for our guests and seemed very interested in a possible occupation in the restaurant business.

Earlier in the week, we also had some other VERY special guests who had a surprise for our class...

Trooper Emmanuel and the Alabama State Troopers brought their vehicles and HELICOPTER to show our class.  They talked with us about what they do in their line of work and how they use different equipment.  We had a great day visiting with the state troopers and learning all about what they do!

Last week we also celebrate our homecoming week.  Hope and Mrs. McKee were tie-dye twins!

This week...

This week we learned all about  FRIENDSHIP.  We learned about appropriate and inappropriate friendships and how to be a good friend.  We will continue to emphasize the importance of these skills throughout the year.  It is very important that our students understand that fostering healthy friendships will lead to a happier and safer environment.

On Wednesday, we spent the day touring our city and learning about the different community resources we have available to us.

We visited City Hall where we learned about what they do in the courtroom and toured the old jail.  Officer Emmanuel led the tour, and we met several members of the dispatch team.
We then walked over the Hancock Bank.  There, we learned about savings accounts and safety deposit boxes.  We also were able to close the vault door for Ms. Owens!

We then traveled to the health department where we learned about the resources they offer such as vaccinations and doctor visits.

We ended the first half of the day with a trip to Fox's Pizza Den where we were able to MAKE OUR OWN PIZZA.  The staff there was so helpful and friendly, and they loved meeting our students.  They taught us about following safety and health regulations.

D'Shawn is looking good in his hair net!

After enjoying our pizza, we headed over to Prattville Associated Grocer where we took a tour of the store, learned about occupations in the field, and then did some shopping!
Each student was given one ingredient to find.  In all, we were able to purchase enough food to make 3 recipes!

At the end of the day, we had worked hard and had a few minutes to spare, so we took some time to have a little fun!
Pratt Park here we come!

All in all, our field trip was an amazing experience.  Our students got a lot of exposure to community resources and occupational opportunities!

We are still selling pickles and crushing cans to make a little money for the classroom... I will end with some pictures of our students working hard!

This week we will be learning about personal hygiene.  We will have a Mary Kay consultant come in to demonstrate washing our face.  Please visit the lessons page Sunday for next week's lesson plan and spelling list!  Have a restful weekend!

--Mrs. McKee

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  1. It looks like they had a lot of fun and learned a lot. Hope is very excited to start working now!