Monday, October 7, 2013

Resources in the Community

Last week we reviewed different resources we have in our community.  We spoke about several great resources we have around us such as the YMCA, food bank, churches, public parks, and the zoo!  We even mapquested the different resources and talked about the best way to get there.

Community resources aren't the only things we talked about though, we began our money and time unit (this will be continued throughout the year).  There's no better way to kick it off than a FUNDRAISER!  We began selling pickles at break for our fundraiser.  We were so impressed with our team.  We designated salespeople, pickle pullers, pickle wrappers, and bankers. We ended up having a great time!  Next week we will be selling pickles and pickle pops.  How refreshing!

Pickle pops coming soon!!

We also had a great time Friday night running with the football team (video to follow).  It was an amazing experience for all of our students, and I know everyone loved having us participate!  Thanks to everyone who came out-- GO LIONS!

This week, we will be traveling to the fair, learning about eating at restaurants, and reading about sandwiches from around the world!  What a great first couple of months we have had!

Just a couple reminders:
--At-home reading has started.  I am encouraging everyone to read at least 1 hour/ week at home (please sign off on your students take-home form). 
--Your students should have a personal responsibility check list.  I will not be checking these daily, but they are great "reminders" for your students on what to do before they go to school.
--Lesson plans are posted weekly under "Lessons" if you would like to see what we are working on each week.
--We will not have school this Friday or next Monday.  Enjoy your fall break! 
                                               Mrs. McKee

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