Monday, October 14, 2013

We conquered the FAIR!

What a busy week we had last week!

I think everyone enjoyed visiting the fair last Wednesday.  I am so proud of the students who participated in the art competition! We had several winners in the competition:

--Nicholas placed 2nd in the collage category.
--Byron placed 2nd in the crayon/paper category.
--Alissa placed 2nd in the holiday category.
--We placed 1st in the group competition!!!
--David won BEST OF FAIR for his paper/pencil drawing.

A great job to all of our competitors!!

Last week we began our study on restaurants.  We worked on ordering from restaurants, estimating the cost of our meals, and using good manners in a restaurant.  We will continue learning about restaurants this week.  We will reinforce ordering and using manners.  We will learn how to calculate tips and when it is appropriate to leave tips.  We will also learn how to find menus online.  It is going to be another great week!

I will leave you with another great experience from the fair.  The Alligator Men let us hold one of their gators!  Leah had a great time with the baby alligator.

Remember to visit the LESSONS page to view our lesson plans for this week.  I have also added spelling words underneath the lesson plan.  Enjoy :)

                                                 Mrs. McKee

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