Monday, January 20, 2014

Still Cleaning...

I was so inspired with our students enthusiasm about household cleaning.  They were certainly more excited about doing chores at school than I usually am!  We learned about making the bed, cleaning the floors, and cleaning the bathrooms.  Here are the students helping Mr. Victor with the bathrooms!  They were sparkling when we finished with them:

Awesome work, guys!!

Nurse Janie made a special visit to help us with bed-making.  

We also had a few special guests.  Sergeant Edwards came to talk to use about the military and basic training.  She also brought us a couple of goodies!  Thanks Sgt. Edwards!!

We had a surprise guest stop by as well: Auburn Running-Back Coach Tim Horton.  War Eagle!!

During math we have been working on ordering from a menu-- I am so very proud of how well our students are doing adding up their menu choices!  Our money-counting skills are greatly improving!
We ended the week with a birthday celebration: T.J. and Joey celebrated January birthday.  --Mrs.birthday, guys!

This week we will be learning about cooking at home.  During math, we will be starting our Unit 2 of grocery store math.  Please visit the Lessons page for our spelling list as well as this week's lesson plans!

Hope everyone had a great, long weekend!

--Mrs. McKee

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